Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On Wrightslaw Lightening Up

Hello all! For those of you who have observed something of an absence on my part, I must ask your pardon, noting that vacations with family in Minneapolis in December are exciting, and very, very cold, and that since I undertook one of these recently, I've been recovering somewhat.
Today I want to share a link to the Wrightslaw Website, where they have posted a series of humerous articles. Those of you who are familiar with Wrightslaw, know that this website offers assistance and education to families of children with special needs who also happen to be enrolled in public school districts. Wrightslaw offers great workshops too. You will also know that Wrightslaw operates in deadly earnest, seriously doing good work every day. Thus it was a refreshing surprise for me to discover these less than serious articles. After all, I am a firm advocate of the positive mental health consequences of a little laughter. And of the unfortunate tendency some of us may have to swing emotionally toward the dark side when handed too much tragicomic drama (almost a daily experience for us when we had children enrolled in the public school system).
I am also aware that there are those among us, who have never had to attend an IEP feeling compelled to bring fresh-baked cookies and flowers to help offset unpleasant sentiments. Some of you have students enrolled in a district and are having positive experiences right now, with or without IEP's. Never mind, I still think you may find these amusing. Those who have been "there" however, should find some serious comic relief.
Happy Holidays all!

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